Toilet Repair & Installation in Cincinnati

Types of Toilet Repairs & Service

  • Toilet Repair or Service
  • Toilet Flush Valve Repair
  • Toilet Leak Repair
  • Toilet Unclog
  • Toilet Handle Repair
  • Toilet Seat Repair
  • New Toilet Installation
  • Toilet Bidet/Heated Seat Installation

Toilet Brands We Service

  • American Standard Toilet Installation
  • Corona Toilet Installation
  • Gerber Toilet Installation
  • Kohler Toilet Installation
  • Toto Toilet Installation

Toilet Repair

As handy as toilets are, they can be a real problem when they don’t work. We know you rely on your toilet every day, so don’t put up with a problem toilet that always seems to clog, run (leak), or lack flushing power. A running toilet wastes gallons of water every day and increases your water bill. It can also be bothersome because of the noise it constantly creates. Our plumbers can fix it or replace it easily. Sometimes the problem isn’t even with your toilet. It can be an obstruction in the trap or further down the drainpipe. It may even be a symptom of a bigger problem farther down the sewer pipe. As the most professional plumbers in Cincinnati, we can solve the problem. Give us a call. Use the coupon on this page to save $25 off any toilet repair and $50 off any new toilet installation.

New Toilet Installation

Toilets have come a long way in the last couple of decades. New models are more efficient and operate better. If your toilet was manufactured in 1994, it’s an older model. Not only is it costing you more in water, it’s also not as environmentally friendly as newer models. Older toilets use 3.5 gallons per flush compared to newer toilets that only use 1.6 gallons per flush. The newer low-flow toilets are designed to provide the same flushing power. They just use less water to accomplish the same task. Additionally, many new models are slightly taller and more comfortable to sit on.

High Efficiency Toilets (HETs)

Many new environmentally-friendly toilet designs go even further to save water. They feature a dual flushing system that can flush 0.9 gallons if it’s just liquid waste or it can flush all 1.6 gallons to get rid of solid waste. High efficiency toilets (HETs) use 80% of 1.6 gallon models or only 1.2 gallons per flush. Manufacturers have done much more than just reduce the water in the tank. These new toilets have special designs to prevent clogging. If you have purchased a toilet already, give us a call and we’ll be happy to handle the toilet installation. If you’re ready to save water, save money and help the environment, one of our skilled plumbers can install a new, low flow toilet in a jiffy.


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