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plumbing repairsWhen it comes to plumbing in your Cincinnati home, there are many things that can go wrong. Plumbing is an intricate network of pipes running through your walls, and under your floors. There are many places where something can go wrong. Although it seems like your pipes are stationary, in fact they are constantly moving. Every time you turn a faucet on or off, your pipes move a little. Pipes, connections and sealants age as well. Eventually, all pipes have the chance of leaking. Drains clog, pipes get old and leak, rust or split. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst as well. And don’t forget about pressure and mineral buildup. Pipes have to deal with that as well. It’s no wonder then that pipes occasionally leak. Then there are mechanical pieces like garbage disposers, sump pumps, water heaters, whirlpool tubs, and even sprinkler systems and that can malfunction as well. And don’t forget about gas pipes. No matter what kind of plumbing problem you have, our professional plumbers are trained to handle all of them.


We’ve been providing plumbing service for Cincinnati and northern Kentucky for over 80 years and we’ve learned a thing or two. Give us a call and we’ll come to your home, assess the damage and give you a written estimate before we fix anything. We have found that our customers really appreciate knowing what the repair or installation will cost up front. That way, there are never any nasty surprises when we hand you the bill. If you need plumbing repairs now, don’t forget to use our $25 off coupon on this page!

The Hype About Pipe

There have been many different types of pipe throughout plumbing history. Here is a brief summary of the most popular and some of the features that made them stay a while or go out of style:


Copper – Copper is popular in homes because it is clean, doesn’t rust and is very reliable for both hot and cold water delivery. It remains popular today. Copper pipes are not weather resistant and will freeze and burst if exposed to low temperatures.


PEX Tubing – PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene. This relatively new pipe resembles a garden hose but is much stronger and flexible. It is popular because it is as reliable as copper but easier for plumbers to work with because of its flexibility. Another advantage it has over copper is that it is more affordable. PEX is not freeze proof, but it is freeze-resistant because it can expand and contract if the water inside freezes.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) – This pipe is the most common type used today for drainpipes and vents. Available in a wide variety of sizes, it is durable and reliable. It is also inexpensive. It has been popular for drainage and sewage piping for decades because it resists root intrusion and it is easy to repair.


Cast Iron pipes – These pipes are tough and reliable. Because they last a long time and resist corrosion, they are often found in older homes. Under ideal conditions, cast iron can last 1100 years or more. Today they are more commonly found in commercial applications than residential plumbing.


Lead pipes – Because it has been proven that lead pipes can cause serious health problems, they are no longer used today. Lead pipes were used for some drain piping and sometimes lead was used in solder joints of copper pipe.


Galvanized Steel pipes – These pipes are not popular anymore due to mineral buildup. After years of use, minerals from water reacted with the galvanizing material and caused scale to build up inside the pipe. The scale eventually narrowed the diameter of the pipe causing lower water pressure and reduced volume. The galvanizing also deteriorated as well, making older pipes rust and leak. If you see brown or orange water, there is probably galvanized piping in the system.


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