Indian Hill, KY Trusted Plumbers

Indian Hill, KY, residents can rely on our professional plumbers here at Cincy Plumbing. Our services are varied and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, we will service both commercial and residential customers. Some of our most requested services include water heater and sump pump repairs. Just see how we can help you with these and other plumbing problems.

Water Heater Worries

Today’s water heaters are vastly different from the ones used in the past. If you have a unit that is more than 10 years old, it is slow producing hot water or if the water coming from it is not as hot as it once was, you should have a replacement heater installed. Modern water heaters are more energy and water efficient than the one you might currently have. If you want to have instant hot water that never runs out, consider a tankless heater. These heat water on demand. Their design eliminates the tank full of water that needs to be constantly kept hot. Cincy Plumbing can install a tankless heater for your Indian Hill, KY, home’s water if you need a replacement for your old heater.

Sump Pump Solutions for Indian Hill

If you have a basement in your Indian Hill, KY, home, you should have a sump pump — if you don’t already. The sump pump keeps moisture from building in the low spots in your basement. These should be regularly serviced and repairs made as necessary. Just as our plumbers can fix sinks or faucets, they can also service the sump pump, which is considered a plumbing appliance. Contact us here at Cincy Plumbing if you need help with repairs or service for your sump pump. We can even install a new pump in your home if you do not have one.

Guaranteed Service

Whether we repair your water heater, sump pump, sink, faucet, toilet or any other plumbing part in your Indian Hill, KY, home, you get a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with our work, we are not happy, and we will do what it takes to fix the problem or you don’t pay. Treating our customers with excellent service and professionalism is how we at Cincy Plumbing set ourselves apart from the competition