Cleves, OH

Plumbing is a crucial element in any home. Your plumbing must be working properly in order for your toilet, tap water, hot water, and more to function properly. There are various problems that can arise with plumbing, and many of those repair jobs are beyond simple do-it-yourself projects like replacements and installations. In such cases, you will require the services of a licensed plumbing technician. No plumbing company services Cleves, OH better than Cincy Plumbing.


The plumbing in your home is an intricate maze that runs throughout your walls and under your floors. Basically, it encompasses your whole home. Therefore, there are numerous places where something could go wrong. Pipes are just like anything else. They become weaker with age. Every time you turn your faucet on and off your pipes move a little bit. The connections and sealants that hold your pipes together age as well. Pipes can leak or bust due to clogs and rust. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and bust as well. Mineral buildup and pressure also affect pipes. Besides the pipes, plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, disposers and water heaters can break as well. As you can see, there are various factors that can cause a plumbing emergency.


Here at Cincy Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing our Cleves customers quality plumbing service. All of our plumbers are licensed technicians, so when you call us, you can be assured that you are getting service from people who really know what they’re doing. We offer you trustworthy and dependable service that you can count on, and we prove that in a variety of ways.

Upfront Pricing

The first way we prove that we are dependable and trustworthy to our customers in Cleves, OH is that we always offer you upfront pricing. Our plumbers never perform a service and then bill you later without discussing with you upfront what your plumbing problem is. Whether it’s a repair, a replacement or an installation, you’ll know upfront how much it’s going to cost.

24-Hour Service

We are on call for your Cleves plumbing emergencies 24-hours a day. Call us anytime day or night to have your plumbing problems solved. With us, you never have to wait several days and go without hot water because of a broken water heater. We will make sure that your problem is fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

100% Customer Service Guarantee

You are our priority here at Cincy Plumbing. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the services that we provide you. That’s why if you’re not satisfied, we will make it right or you won’t pay a cent.